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NERvGear::UI::AnimateT< I, O, A, T > Class Template Reference

Animate class template. More...

#include <NERvGear/animate.h>

Inheritance diagram for NERvGear::UI::AnimateT< I, O, A, T >:
NERvGear::UI::Animate NERvGear::UnknownImpl NERvGear::IUnknown

Detailed Description

template<template< class, class > class I, class O, ANIMATE::TYPE A, class T>
class NERvGear::UI::AnimateT< I, O, A, T >

Animate class template.

Template Parameters
IOne of the Interpolator classes for animating calculation.
OAssociated object type with the animation.
AAn animation type, one of the ANIMATE::TYPE enumeration values.
TThe value type for animating calculation.

Public Member Functions

const T & GetSource () const
const T & GetDestination () const
void SetObject (O *object)
void SetSource (const T &src)
void SetDestination (const T &dst)
virtual void *__stdcall GetObject () const
virtual ANIMATE::TYPE __stdcall GetAnimateType () const
virtual void __stdcall OnStart (unsigned long ms)
virtual void __stdcall OnFrame (unsigned long ms)
virtual void __stdcall OnStop (unsigned long ms)
 AnimateT (O *object, const T &src, const T &dst, unsigned long msDuration=1000, unsigned long msDelay=0, bool loop=false)
- Public Member Functions inherited from NERvGear::UI::Animate
unsigned long GetEnding () const
unsigned long GetDuration () const
unsigned long GetDelay () const
bool GetLoop () const
STATE GetState () const
void SetDuration (unsigned long msDuration)
void SetDelay (unsigned long msDelay)
void SetLoop (bool loop=true)
void SetState (STATE state)
 Animate (unsigned long msDuration, unsigned long msDelay, bool loop)
- Public Member Functions inherited from NERvGear::UnknownImpl
virtual unsigned long __stdcall AddRef ()
virtual unsigned long __stdcall Release ()
virtual long __stdcall QueryInterface (const UID &interfaceID, void **ppvObject)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from NERvGear::UI::Animate
- Protected Attributes inherited from NERvGear::UI::Animate
unsigned long m_duration
unsigned long m_delay
bool m_loop
STATE m_state