NERvDN Library
NERvLibrary - Nerve Gear Developer Network
API Reference
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 Functions and MacrosReference for all C function and macro APIs provided by the NERvSDK
 ComponentsReference for all components defined by the NERvGear and NERvHub
 NERvGear ComponentsComponents defined by NERvGear
 System ComponentsSystem related components
 Security ComponentsSecurity related components
 Network ComponentsNetwork related components
 Desktop ComponentsDesktop related components
 Graphics ComponentsGraphics related components
 Video ComponentsVideo related components
 Audio ComponentsAudio related components
 ETC ComponentsCurrently uncatalogued components
 ObjectsReference for all components object implemented by the NERvGear and NERvHub
 NERvGear ObjectsObjects implemented by NERvGear
 NERvHub ObjectsObjects implemented by NERvHub
 InterfacesReference for all interfaces defined by the NERvGear and NERvHub
 Standard COM InterfacesInterfaces defined by Microsoft. You can also find the documents for these interfaces at MSDN Library - Interfaces (COM)
 NERvGear InterfacesInterfaces defined by NERvGear
 NERvHub InterfacesInterfaces defined by NERvHub
 Plug-insReference for all plug-ins of the framework