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NERvGear::ODataSource Class Reference

Nerve Gear data source implementation. More...

#include <NERvGear/object/ODataSource.h>

Inheritance diagram for NERvGear::ODataSource:
NERvGear::OUnknown NERvGear::CDataSource NERvGear::IDataSource NERvGear::CUnknown NERvGear::IUnknown

Detailed Description

Nerve Gear data source implementation.

Available data, value and IDs:

All of the value types are fixed and indicated by the prefix of their IDs.
For example, ID NERvGear::DATA::SYS::STR_OS_NAME indicates that the value of 'OS Name' is a string, while NERvGear::DATA::CORE::I32_SERVICE_COMPONENT means the value of 'Component Service' is a 4-bytes integer.

1.0.0 Initial release.
Nerve Gear 0.3.0 and above

Define ID:

const NERvGear::UID NERvGear::ID_ODataSource; // 00000001-4F00-6144-7461-536f75726365

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from NERvGear::IDataSource
virtual long __stdcall GetId (UID *id)=0
 Retrieves the UID of this data source object. More...
virtual size_t __stdcall GetName (size_t len, wchar_t *name)=0
 Retrieves the display name for this data source. More...
virtual size_t __stdcall GetDescrip (size_t len, wchar_t *descrip)=0
 Retrieves the description for this data source. More...
virtual unsigned __stdcall GetDataCount ()=0
 Retrieves the number of data providing by this data source.
virtual long __stdcall GetData (unsigned index, IData **data)=0
 Retrieves a data represented by index. More...
virtual long __stdcall FindData (const UID &id, IData **data)=0
 Retrieves a data indicated by UID. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from NERvGear::IUnknown
virtual long __stdcall QueryInterface (const UID &interfaceID, void **ppvObject)=0
virtual unsigned long __stdcall AddRef ()=0
virtual unsigned long __stdcall Release ()=0