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NERvGear::CActionFilter Class Reference

Filters actions to be executed. More...

#include <NERvGear/component/CActionFilter.h>

Inheritance diagram for NERvGear::CActionFilter:
NERvGear::CUnknown GPBeta::OImageActionFilter GPBeta::OMailActionFilter RangerCD::OShortcutKeysActionFilter

Detailed Description

Filters actions to be executed.

Implementation Guides

Objects that implement this component should provide a NERvGear::IExecute interface.
A Filter should return a success code (NVG_SUCC(retval) == true) from its IExecute::Invoke() method, telling the caller that an action has been executed by this filter, otherwise, it should return a failure code (NVG_FAIL(retval) == true) so that the caller could do further filtering search.

See also

Define ID:

const NERvGear::UID NERvGear::ID_CActionFilter; // CORE_SYSTEM-7B76-4FB7-A4A4-F8904ACAB7D1