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0000761SAO Utils[All Projects] 普通/Generalpublic2015-09-04 03:572016-11-14 23:42
0.3.0 (Beta 1) 
0.3.1 (Beta 1 Update 1) 
0000761: (3D) UI too small on 4k/UHD
I use SAO Util on a 4k/UHD 28" TFT Monitor and the Problem is simple, that the SAO UI, 2D and 3D, are too small. It is difficult to read the text on it and the Icons are really small.

So I wish me a zoom/size slider or something to manually adjust the size of the UI, that should be the best solution for every User, because some Users want it bigger, some smaller.
Run the Tool on a higher resolution (for example 2160p) and you should see the problem.
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has duplicate 0000722closed GPBeta 增强对高分辨率的支持问题 
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We have added zooming for launcher in the next release.