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0000370SAO Utils[All Projects] 插件/Plug-inpublic2013-12-29 06:232014-02-03 22:24
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0.2.1 (Alpha 2 Hotfix 1) 
0000370: Image widget disappeared
Hi !

I was trying some render with the plug-in "Image Widget" and when i chose an other, the image disappeared.. And i can't click on again for change the image >.<
I don't want to reinstall SAO Utils for no reset all i did in.
This is not a big problem but, i really like use this plug-in @.@ And this could happen to another user.
I think the image is off my screen.
Thanks for your work ! If you want some donation, ask to us !
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2014-02-03 22:24   
This issue should have been solved, because I fixed it in previous patches... you can delete the Configs/ImageWidget.xml to reset the settings for Image Widget Plugin, then restart SAO Utils and try to reappear it.