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SAO Utils - Change Log

SAO Utils - 0.3.2 (Beta 1 Update 2) (Released 2017-10-05) View Issues ]

+ Add support for system DPI scaling.
+ Add touch gesture support for tablet.
+ Add "Show file icon/extension" option for real folder menu.
+ Add "Remove/Reset plug-in" option in plug-in configuration panel.
+ Add "Delay startup" option in general configuration panel.
+ Add plug-in disabling hints when trying to remove a widget.
+ [ GGO Widget ][ HP-Bar ]Separate "Lock widget" and "Transparent widget" option.
+ [ Web Browser Engine ]Add support for Node-CEF.
- Remove "Disable action filters" option.
* Fix failed to open some files in real folder menu.
* Fix launcher overlapped by task-bar.
* Fix launcher cannot display wallpaper in some aspect ratios.
* Fix cannot scroll launcher menu by mouse under some circumstances.
* [ Mail Box ]Fix cannot remove friends.
* [ Mail Box ]Fix some system cannot connect to servers via SSL.
* [ Web Browser Engine ]Fix some pop-ups such as combo box menu does not display.
* [ Bangumi ]Fix configuration dialog covered by information panel.
* Some UI and functional adjustment.

- 0000857: [其他/Others] 希望修改一下GGO插件的锁定方式 (GPBeta) - resolved.

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