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SAO Utils - Change Log

SAO Utils - 0.3.1 (Beta 1 Update 1) (Released 2015-12-12) View Issues ]

a.Add [Web Browser Engine] plug-in. (optional)
b.Add [Web Widget] plug-in. (optional)
c.Add support for multi-screen.
d.Add option for notification position.
e.Add zoom option and operation in 3D mode.
f.Add option for opening web pages in external browser. (Bangumi)
g.Add drag&drop to change images. (Image Widget)
h.Adjust configuration paths for all plug-ins.
i.Fix program crashing when dragging items to the end of a launcher menu.
j.Fix startup animation gray out under some circumstances.
k.Fix launcher falls back to 2D mode automatically under some circumstances.
l.Fix mouse hanging when using gesture on Windows 10.
m.Fix program crashing after clicking play button on Windows 10. (Bangumi)
n.Fix encoding issues on HTML content of some mails. (Mail Box)
o.Fix cannot click unlock button when parts of widget is off-screen. (Image Widget)

- 0000783: [插件/Plug-in] 桌面图片挂件在超出屏幕后无法再进行解锁 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000761: [普通/General] (3D) UI too small on 4k/UHD (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000762: [普通/General] mail box 邮件接收问题 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000795: [普通/General] 双显示器上工作不正常 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000796: [普通/General] 启动器无故切换到 2D 模式 (GPBeta) - resolved.<