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SAO Utils - 0.2.3 (Alpha 2 Hotfix 3) (Released 2014-07-09) View Issues ]

a.Fix crash when logging off.
b.Fix patch package missing files.
c.Fix Image Widget lost when re-enabling with default image.(#411)
d.Fix widgets disappear when 'show desktop'. (#50)
e.Fix ImageWiget bug playing some gifs. (#399)
f.Fix startup animation does not play fullscreen with high DPI devices. (#425)
g.Fix Updater.exe UAC requirement.
h.Fix a misspelling in HP-Bar. (#433)
i.Fix 'OK' and 'Cancel' button lost in Icon Settings Panel.
j.Fix mouse freeze causing by config twice on startup.
k.Fix content and spelling mistakes in readme files.
l.Remove gesture recovery pop-up message.
m.Add Bangumi daily animation table desktop widget plugin.
n.Add Mail Box email client plugin.
o.Add gesture recovery notify to Cardinal System plug-in.
p.Add "All supported files" into Image Widget's image pickup dialog.
q.Update German translation by Kevin Kastner.
r.Update Russia translation by Tailss.
s.Spanish support by Kai Hakurei and Umack Aku.
t.Italian support by Leonardo Smedile.
u.Translation sources update to v0.7.

- 0000502: [插件/Plug-in] Mail Box插件更改显示位置后菜单显示不正确 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000050: [插件/Plug-in] "显示桌面"时桌面挂件消失 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000399: [插件/Plug-in] 部分动图播放有问题 - resolved.
- 0000411: [插件/Plug-in] 未选图片时,禁用ImageWidget后再启用不显示添加按钮 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000425: [普通/General] 启动动画在FullHD不能全屏 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000433: [普通/General] Misspelled word - "1 miniute" (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000423: [插件/Plug-in] image widget 无法再次选择图片 (GPBeta) - closed.

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