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SAO Utils - 0.2.2 (Alpha 2 Hotfix 2) (Released 2014-02-04) View Issues ]

a.Fix crash if exit more than once.
b.Fix plug-ins drag bug in locking mode.
c.Fix mouse hangs on startup or exit program. (#355)
d.Fix a missing gesture recovery message translation.
e.Fix url and command icon action dialogs are overlapped after popping up.
f.Add warning when executing failed.
g.Add more information to the about dialog.
h.Add platform postfix to version information.
i.Add "Quick Launch" plugin.
j.Add "Cardinal System"(YUI) plugin.
k.Add plugin details information panel.
l.Add "Manage Plug-ins" item to plugin menu.
m.Add gif support to Image Widget. (#215)
n.Add "Auto Hide" & "Refresh Interval" option to HP-Bar. (#337)
o.Make HP-Bar, Image Widget and System Monitor pluggable.
p.Enable display mode option in performance panel. (#234)
q.Adjust translation for all languages.
r.Adjust startup animation and plug-ins display order.
s.Fonts update by darkblackswords.
t.Germany support by Tails32.
u.Translation sources update to v0.6.

- 0000397: [普通/General] 注销/重启/关机时出错 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000339: [插件/Plug-in] 插件部分HP-Bar 充電問題 - resolved.
- 0000215: [插件/Plug-in] image widget 的新功能 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000336: [插件/Plug-in] 关于图片插件图片路径报错的问题 - resolved.
- 0000337: [插件/Plug-in] HP-Bar添加更新频率选项 - resolved.
- 0000355: [其他/Others] 在退出sao utils时鼠标会卡主2-5秒 (GPBeta) - resolved.

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