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SAO Utils - Change Log

SAO Utils - 0.2.1 (Alpha 2 Hotfix 1) (Released 2013-11-07) View Issues ]

a.Fix info panel does not expand and a text display bug.
b.Fix some bugs of launcher that main menu remains on screen after hiding launcher.
c.Fix program crash re-ording a menu which has only one item.
d.Fix launcher does not dispaly the main menu central in Fixed mode.
e.Fix HP-Bar extend information display bug.
f.Add no disturb in full screen mode option.
g.Add charging state and transparent option to HP-Bar.
h.Add swich option and more tool tips to user operations.
i.Thai support by ภูมิไผท จันทรศรีวงศ.
j.Russian support by Tailss.
k.Translation sources update to v0.5.

- 0000147: [普通/General] 增加对于全屏应用的手势响应策略 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000240: [普通/General] 启动器固定模式下菜单位置错误 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000264: [其他/Others] 信息面板描述文字显示错误 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000313: [插件/Plug-in] HP Bar扩展信息的不正常出现 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000318: [其他/Others] 关闭菜单时使用滚轮滚动导致的菜单残留 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000321: [其他/Others] "自定义图标"面板下图标"按下时"路径显示错误 (GPBeta) - resolved.

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