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SAO Utils - Change Log

SAO Utils - 0.3.2 (Beta 1 Update 2) (Released 2017-10-05) View Issues ]

+ Add support for system DPI scaling.
+ Add touch gesture support for tablet.
+ Add "Show file icon/extension" option for real folder menu.
+ Add "Remove/Reset plug-in" option in plug-in configuration panel.
+ Add "Delay startup" option in general configuration panel.
+ Add plug-in disabling hints when trying to remove a widget.
+ [ GGO Widget ][ HP-Bar ]Separate "Lock widget" and "Transparent widget" option.
+ [ Web Browser Engine ]Add support for Node-CEF.
- Remove "Disable action filters" option.
* Fix failed to open some files in real folder menu.
* Fix launcher overlapped by task-bar.
* Fix launcher cannot display wallpaper in some aspect ratios.
* Fix cannot scroll launcher menu by mouse under some circumstances.
* [ Mail Box ]Fix cannot remove friends.
* [ Mail Box ]Fix some system cannot connect to servers via SSL.
* [ Web Browser Engine ]Fix some pop-ups such as combo box menu does not display.
* [ Bangumi ]Fix configuration dialog covered by information panel.
* Some UI and functional adjustment.

- 0000857: [其他/Others] 希望修改一下GGO插件的锁定方式 (GPBeta) - resolved.

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SAO Utils - 0.3.1 (Beta 1 Update 1) (Released 2015-12-12) View Issues ]

a.Add [Web Browser Engine] plug-in. (optional)
b.Add [Web Widget] plug-in. (optional)
c.Add support for multi-screen.
d.Add option for notification position.
e.Add zoom option and operation in 3D mode.
f.Add option for opening web pages in external browser. (Bangumi)
g.Add drag&drop to change images. (Image Widget)
h.Adjust configuration paths for all plug-ins.
i.Fix program crashing when dragging items to the end of a launcher menu.
j.Fix startup animation gray out under some circumstances.
k.Fix launcher falls back to 2D mode automatically under some circumstances.
l.Fix mouse hanging when using gesture on Windows 10.
m.Fix program crashing after clicking play button on Windows 10. (Bangumi)
n.Fix encoding issues on HTML content of some mails. (Mail Box)
o.Fix cannot click unlock button when parts of widget is off-screen. (Image Widget)

- 0000783: [插件/Plug-in] 桌面图片挂件在超出屏幕后无法再进行解锁 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000761: [普通/General] (3D) UI too small on 4k/UHD (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000762: [普通/General] mail box 邮件接收问题 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000795: [普通/General] 双显示器上工作不正常 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000796: [普通/General] 启动器无故切换到 2D 模式 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000793: [插件/Plug-in] 新番插件功能出现故障,播放会出现SAO崩溃 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000789: [其他/Others] Win10下浏览器中呼出热键导致鼠标卡死 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000759: [普通/General] 双屏下菜单不显示 (GPBeta) - closed.
- 0000697: [插件/Plug-in] 桌面图片插件在贴合屏幕边缘下锁定之后黄色小锁图标超出屏幕无法再进行解锁 (GPBeta) - closed.
- 0000755: [普通/General] 开机后3D设置无效 (GPBeta) - closed.
- 0000767: [普通/General] 扩展双屏的情况下无法调出SAO Utils菜单! (GPBeta) - closed.
- 0000745: [普通/General] 多屏下呼出只有主屏显示 (GPBeta) - closed.
- 0000764: [插件/Plug-in] 动漫插件出现程序崩溃 (GPBeta) - closed.
- 0000678: [普通/General] 多屏扩展屏非主窗口 (GPBeta) - closed.
- 0000722: [普通/General] 增强对高分辨率的支持问题 (GPBeta) - closed.
- 0000790: [其他/Others] 笔记本外接扩展屏的时候 (GPBeta) - closed.

[16 issues]

SAO Utils - 0.2.3 (Alpha 2 Hotfix 3) (Released 2014-07-09) View Issues ]

a.Fix crash when logging off.
b.Fix patch package missing files.
c.Fix Image Widget lost when re-enabling with default image.(#411)
d.Fix widgets disappear when 'show desktop'. (#50)
e.Fix ImageWiget bug playing some gifs. (#399)
f.Fix startup animation does not play fullscreen with high DPI devices. (#425)
g.Fix Updater.exe UAC requirement.
h.Fix a misspelling in HP-Bar. (#433)
i.Fix 'OK' and 'Cancel' button lost in Icon Settings Panel.
j.Fix mouse freeze causing by config twice on startup.
k.Fix content and spelling mistakes in readme files.
l.Remove gesture recovery pop-up message.
m.Add Bangumi daily animation table desktop widget plugin.
n.Add Mail Box email client plugin.
o.Add gesture recovery notify to Cardinal System plug-in.
p.Add "All supported files" into Image Widget's image pickup dialog.
q.Update German translation by Kevin Kastner.
r.Update Russia translation by Tailss.
s.Spanish support by Kai Hakurei and Umack Aku.
t.Italian support by Leonardo Smedile.
u.Translation sources update to v0.7.

- 0000502: [插件/Plug-in] Mail Box插件更改显示位置后菜单显示不正确 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000050: [插件/Plug-in] "显示桌面"时桌面挂件消失 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000399: [插件/Plug-in] 部分动图播放有问题 - resolved.
- 0000411: [插件/Plug-in] 未选图片时,禁用ImageWidget后再启用不显示添加按钮 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000425: [普通/General] 启动动画在FullHD不能全屏 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000433: [普通/General] Misspelled word - "1 miniute" (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000423: [插件/Plug-in] image widget 无法再次选择图片 (GPBeta) - closed.

[7 issues]

SAO Utils - 0.2.2 (Alpha 2 Hotfix 2) (Released 2014-02-04) View Issues ]

a.Fix crash if exit more than once.
b.Fix plug-ins drag bug in locking mode.
c.Fix mouse hangs on startup or exit program. (#355)
d.Fix a missing gesture recovery message translation.
e.Fix url and command icon action dialogs are overlapped after popping up.
f.Add warning when executing failed.
g.Add more information to the about dialog.
h.Add platform postfix to version information.
i.Add "Quick Launch" plugin.
j.Add "Cardinal System"(YUI) plugin.
k.Add plugin details information panel.
l.Add "Manage Plug-ins" item to plugin menu.
m.Add gif support to Image Widget. (#215)
n.Add "Auto Hide" & "Refresh Interval" option to HP-Bar. (#337)
o.Make HP-Bar, Image Widget and System Monitor pluggable.
p.Enable display mode option in performance panel. (#234)
q.Adjust translation for all languages.
r.Adjust startup animation and plug-ins display order.
s.Fonts update by darkblackswords.
t.Germany support by Tails32.
u.Translation sources update to v0.6.

- 0000397: [普通/General] 注销/重启/关机时出错 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000339: [插件/Plug-in] 插件部分HP-Bar 充電問題 - resolved.
- 0000215: [插件/Plug-in] image widget 的新功能 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000336: [插件/Plug-in] 关于图片插件图片路径报错的问题 - resolved.
- 0000337: [插件/Plug-in] HP-Bar添加更新频率选项 - resolved.
- 0000355: [其他/Others] 在退出sao utils时鼠标会卡主2-5秒 (GPBeta) - resolved.

[6 issues]

SAO Utils - 0.2.1 (Alpha 2 Hotfix 1) (Released 2013-11-07) View Issues ]

a.Fix info panel does not expand and a text display bug.
b.Fix some bugs of launcher that main menu remains on screen after hiding launcher.
c.Fix program crash re-ording a menu which has only one item.
d.Fix launcher does not dispaly the main menu central in Fixed mode.
e.Fix HP-Bar extend information display bug.
f.Add no disturb in full screen mode option.
g.Add charging state and transparent option to HP-Bar.
h.Add swich option and more tool tips to user operations.
i.Thai support by ภูมิไผท จันทรศรีวงศ.
j.Russian support by Tailss.
k.Translation sources update to v0.5.

- 0000147: [普通/General] 增加对于全屏应用的手势响应策略 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000240: [普通/General] 启动器固定模式下菜单位置错误 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000264: [其他/Others] 信息面板描述文字显示错误 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000313: [插件/Plug-in] HP Bar扩展信息的不正常出现 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000318: [其他/Others] 关闭菜单时使用滚轮滚动导致的菜单残留 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000321: [其他/Others] "自定义图标"面板下图标"按下时"路径显示错误 (GPBeta) - resolved.

[6 issues]

SAO Utils - 0.2.0 (Alpha 2) (Released 2013-10-05) View Issues ]

a.Fix launcher display without covering taskbar.
b.Fix program exit if can't load wav files.
c.Fix HP-Bar's time delay for a few minutes on some situations.
d.Add 3D boot animation.
e.Add looping mode for main menu and list menu.
f.Add boot sound.
g.Add single key mouse gesture.
h.Add touch friendly option.
i.Add 3 SAO icons to icon folder.
j.Add JPG, BMP, ICO image format support.
k.Enable sound control in sound setting panel.
l.Adjust lv 1 HP to 250 in HP-Bar.
m.Adjust UI.
n.Translation sources update to v0.4.

- 0000232: [其他/Others] Information内的信息面板不显示 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000229: [普通/General] 调出菜单后,点击空白处取消菜单后立刻滚动滚轮,菜单会自动出现并隐藏不了。 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000041: [普通/General] 添加开机动画 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000189: [普通/General] 启动器未覆盖开始任务栏 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000046: [普通/General] 完善音效设置面板 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000140: [普通/General] 鼠标手势在windows平板电脑上应增加手势类型 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000198: [普通/General] 可变的警告信息(Alert)标题 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000210: [插件/Plug-in] HP Bar时间显示不准确 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000214: [资源/Resource] Add a hyperlink for Email address in Option/About page (GPBeta) - resolved.

[9 issues]

SAO Utils - 0.1.7 (Alpha 1 Hotfix 7) (Released 2013-08-25) View Issues ]

a.Fix some png images can not be displayed.
b.Fix updater false reports on some networks.
c.Fix HP-Bar drawing bug if user name is too long.
d.Fix 'Lock Lacunher' fail after calling launcher.
e.Fix preference frame display bugs on high DPI devices.
f.Fix Image Widget moves out of screen after changing images.
g.Fix widgets' position resets after restart on a non-primary display.
h.Add new audio platform to support multiple sound playback.
i.Add 'Icon Shop' icon choosing panel.
j.Add 'Show on top' option to HP-Bar.
k.Add multiple screen support to launcher.
l.Translation sources update to v0.3.

- 0000182: [普通/General] 增强对多显示器的支持 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000019: [插件/Plug-in] HP-Bar挂件名字过长越界 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000020: [普通/General] 高DPI下设置面板显示不全 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000048: [插件/Plug-in] ImageWidget插件超出屏幕边沿问题 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000081: [普通/General] 多种音效同时播放时声音被覆盖 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000101: [普通/General] 部分png图标无法显示 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000102: [普通/General] 呼出菜单后禁用热键失效 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000172: [普通/General] 设定图标后无法还原为默认图标 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000184: [普通/General] 新的图标选择界面 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000185: [插件/Plug-in] 加入'顶置显示'到HP-Bar (GPBeta) - resolved.

[10 issues]

SAO Utils - 0.1.6 (Alpha 1 Hotfix 6) (Released 2013-05-02) View Issues ]

Fix files lost not updating from previous version.
Fix cannot open files or save configuration after CWD changed.
Fix bug when "Confirm before launch" & "Keep launcher" were selected at the same time.
Fix scrolling bug if List Menu has too much items.
Fix 1 place of translation mistake for Traditional Chinese.
Add reordering control to List Menu.
Adjust menu srolling speed.

- 0000096: [其他/Others] 【关于等级/血量桌面插件】请添加说明。 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000047: [普通/General] SAO重新启动时程序设置崩溃。 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000042: [其他/Others] 由于跨版本升级造成immortal.png等文件缺失 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000074: [普通/General] 调整菜单滚动速度 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000054: [普通/General] 列表菜单中选项重叠或神秘消失 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000052: [普通/General] 列表菜单添加排序功能 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000063: [普通/General] 由于工作目录改变造成的无法打开文件/保存配置 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000062: [翻译/Translation] 執行前確認的字 (GPBeta) - resolved.
- 0000043: [普通/General] 当"执行前确认"和"保持启动器"选项同时选上时下次启动出现错误提示 (GPBeta) - resolved.

[9 issues]

SAO Utils - 0.1.5 (Alpha 1 Hotfix 5) (Released 2013-04-14) View Issues ]

Fix application crash on exit when Verbose Mode is on.
Fix locale lost when application is executed by some other programs.
Add confirmation option on action.
Add keep launcher option on action.
New SAO font face by darkblackswords.
New font face for Japanese Kana.
Adjust animation.
Adust UI.

- 0000018: [普通/General] 从某些外部程序启动SAO Utils时,本地化语言丢失 (GPBeta) - closed.
- 0000030: [普通/General] 添加列表菜单项目的行为扩展选项 (GPBeta) - closed.
- 0000031: [资源/Resource] 新的SAO风格字体 (GPBeta) - closed.
- 0000032: [资源/Resource] 新的日语假名字体 (GPBeta) - closed.
- 0000033: [普通/General] 动画调整 (GPBeta) - closed.
- 0000017: [普通/General] "诊断模式"下退出时程序崩溃 (GPBeta) - closed.

[6 issues]

SAO Utils - 0.1.4 (Alpha 1 Hotfix 4) (Released 2013-03-30) View Issues ]

Fix config lost after shutdown or reboot on some rare condition.
Fix failed to execute some programs requiring administrator permission.
Fix some relative path problems.
Fix more than one List Item hover at the same time.
Fix file lost in Hotfix3 patch.
Add lock mode notification.
Add system notification sound.
Add exe file infomation.
Seperate plugin configuration from core config file.
Some ui adjustment.

- 0000014: [普通/General] 弹出"成功运行"但无法运行某些需要管理员权限的程序 (GPBeta) - closed.
- 0000015: [普通/General] 某些情况下多于一个列表菜单的项目被点亮 (GPBeta) - closed.
- 0000016: [普通/General] 某些情况下重启后配置文件丢失 (GPBeta) - closed.
- 0000026: [普通/General] 添加锁定启动器提示 (GPBeta) - closed.
- 0000027: [资源/Resource] 添加系统提示音效 (GPBeta) - closed.
- 0000028: [资源/Resource] 添加exe文件信息 (GPBeta) - closed.
- 0000029: [普通/General] 分离插件与系统的配置信息 (GPBeta) - closed.

[7 issues]

SAO Utils - 0.1.3 (Alpha 1 Hotfix 3) (Released 2013-03-20) View Issues ]

Fix widgets disappear after restoring from full screen program.
Fix System Monitor lost after restart.
Correct one spelling mistake.
Adjust menu position in following cursor mode.
Add ‘file’ action.
Add readme document.
Japanese support by テクニカル座, Moffu Moffu, ほーしょー